The White Bag Thread v3


No white bags, but a couple nice STs and a Divinity blueprint from my first O3 complete!



It doesn’t have to be a white ( I mean the title does say so ) but Splendor’s legendary in everyone’s hearts


yay first one



same run :astonished::astonished: and ppl dare to say that shattters have low drop rates :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

something “wrong” with my luck

indeed, lucky day

first pogmur :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:





First Shatts White [ Amount done: ???]


i’ve only done 5 cults
i also got a jugg on this samurai but the image file was too big for some reason


I frequently get the image too big issue. If you open it in MS paint and resize it to 50% it will let you post it.


I have quite a few screenshots from the last couple weeks I want to share. Unfortunately, I lost most of the items due to unfortunate deaths in the last couple days.

Pog? Pog. I died with it though.

That was my 7th mystery skin. I chose knight, pally, wizard, trix, bard, archer, and some other class I’m forgetting.

Last piece I needed for the set! I died with the whole set though. :frowning:

Much appreciated character slot as I only have 2.

OMG I reallly want this. So happy :). Haven’t lost this yet.

Died with this. :frowning:

Finally something good from keyper. Also, something I can’t die with xd

Forgot to screenshot in Shatters. Already lost it though :frowning:

First campaign I ever finished.


great, now I have two bracers, and technically the only shatts whites I’ve gotten are bracers(3 to be exact, not including ice crown) (((PLEASE I WANT CROWN OR EVEN A GEMSTONE I’VE NEVER GOTTEN ONE)). I not all too mad, I mean bracer’s…not awful and I could put it on one of my characters I guess.


White bags of the week:

Should I craft them?

1st Keyper white and it was a Ray. A budget 8% Exp bonus Katana, sure.

Oooh, can’t w8 to collect the whole set.

How common is this?

Did “PHATTEST OP FOR 1 LIFE!” and really sold it for a Life pot.

1st CEntity white. Good stuff, but could be better.

Got it back after dying with ma 1st one. And got a Dominion on the next run (but didn’t take that screenie).

Forge material?

Literally next run later. A backup in case my Sorc dies with it.

Ok anybody want this before I feed it?

Feed Powa?!





Alright, meet me when I go online (I also promised DeeBomb for his UBHP as well).


(spoilers, but whatever)This is my first time in years to finally get the chicken leg! Super stoked!!!


Third Cult White [Cult #27]