The White Bag Thread v3


just missing oryx and cube skull, then i would have all the skulls for my ppe
: D

i feel like making a separate ppe for the cube set xd


edit: and another 3 whites


Not the event white I was hoping for, but it is the event white I got


I got dueling daggers, dblade, and the Anatis staff today! Once again, I have no pictures.

Can someone tell me how to take screenshots on a computer?


windows + print screen


It really depends to be honest, but you can do the one Maddy said or the other option is Shift + Windows + S


Other option as for my PC


two whites in one run:




Something for the forge. Quite nice that it’s a 30/40!

bold stone. I really like def/HP rings, but it’s a bit odd in the context of the whole set.

This one has a bit of a story beehind it! Someone asked if anyone wanted to do a Cnid, to which I eagerly responded with yes; a couple other peeps (including KarlF, nice to see them still around) chimed in as well, and so, well, we did a Cnid pretty smoothly.
I had a spare Snake Pit key on this Samurai, decided to pop it to make room for the def I wanted, and beehold, a white!


the 2nd Bergenia within 2 days :slight_smile:


@Deebomb was it you that needed one of these?


Had a lucky day last night!

all on my ppe!


Yes… have needed one to complete the set for sooooo long… still do wlabs every time I see one in an attempt to find it, but no luck so far😔


at least… they are more often now, not only once per realm.


3rd Void White [Void #54]



got a cdirk while farming up fame for white star lol