The White Bag Thread v3


Not a super cool white bag but i did use a dirk


Was that a pub O3?


Well uh, It was a private server that I just happened to be in the same realm as, atleast thats what I assume happened


Yay! Finally got 3/4th of the set now /w\


my 900000th nest white Linusface

Im also using stinger because i always get 0 with cutter





oh yeah


yay now I can forge genesis

Edit: ded c:


nothing special today…


also 5/5 dex


first puri ever
finally got good shit as rusher lol


White Bags of the week:

Me was spamming Abbies to stock up Vit and got another one of this. Overflowed white bag BTW.

Another back up? Sure!

Definitely gonna use Potato for future no-TP maxing speedrun. Now I just need BPlate BP to complete the whole Marble Paladin Blueprint set. At the mean time though, I still want to get an actual MBC white.

From STD run BTW.

For some reason I still post DBow pictures even when I can forge them.

Classic. Me need da ST Armor.

Definitely worth it.

Good stuff but should I keep it?

Half an hour later after getting the Star (was raiding with Create Story):

Me need rest of the ST parts. Imma keep it still.

Use this spell with max MP build, Spacebar and DPS goes brrrr.

Phat DPS Trap.

From the free ST crate pack.

A backup? Not bad but I would prefer HHide or CRing to finish the set (well because of feeding from last time).

Couple random dudes popped 10+ Manor chain on USW3 and got 2 Hides back to back. Me need Cape and Dagger back after previous feeding.


Did 5 Nests and by Nest #4 I had 2 Helms and 1 Dagger. I got a Dagger and Helm on the same run from boss and mini boss. A successful Nest event in 5 runs + 1 exalt. Oh and this Fire Waki I got too I guess.



A 2 piece in 1 Tomb.


4th MBC White [MBC # 64] + Spicy Bag




I got everything but not the dagger (does it really exist?)


it was a long way to the t room, but more than enough reward for the effort.

2 st in one t room :slight_smile:


stop getting bergenias :rage: