The White Bag Thread v3


the swag sword

i’m just gonna list what i got from this o3 event in this post and not make any unnecessary posts:
divinity x1
escutcheon x1
gladguard x2
avarice x2
gambler’s fate x2
collector’s monocle x1
diplomatic robe x1
divine coronation x1


Last day of event, first whitebag of the event! (+ Banner BP).
Still not comfortable with O3 (though I got my first 3 completes during these last couple weeks), but I definitely feel confident on all minibosses other than Leucoryx.




first 03 after event!
I really wanted one cuz I lost my second one 2 nights ago. I loved it before buff and now I’m super excited for how good it will be, just need to remax my knight


Escutcheon gang?



Pretty much got the best drops I could wish for from a purple chest.


Got plane after 85 sprites. I got the mace and ep back-to-back before I got a single plane.



from today




That was unexpected (A Doku). Am used to getting just pbags even from a full room of eggs, so the ones you find scattered around are normally hardly worth breaking. Think I’ve gotten a pot once or twice ever, before today.


Highlight of these whites was the Doom Bow. Still remember getting 2 of these back to back during Wild Shadow days and freaking out lol




Neat! Funnily enough, the blueprint was also for Soul’s Guidance >u<
(Though, of course, I’ve long found it :>)


Acquire White; DECA Servers go weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



2 st armors in the same bossfight moment, i thought i was tripping.