The White Bag Thread v3


I’d say the ST armor is maybe 1/50 chance, so if you got two then…


White bags of the week…

Another spell? Sure!

Deca, I really want to convert already unlocked skins to 4 * 20 crystals.

Sac’ed it for a Doku.

Hello? What is the odd of getting 2 spells in a day?!

All 3 runes are ready to be used.

Soloed Cem and I got this from the event.

Imma unlock the skin.

And another solo and rewarded me another ST to complete again.

Ok I need to stop uploading this.

I was destroying the statues to solo Janus…except getting Anointed from it must be really rare.

Another budget Conflict? Sure!

Then it’s 1/2500 to get one back to back.


That’s really not what i wanted but sure


First cult staff.
Afterwards Screap popped a beachzone and spawned like 10 sphinxes, some avatars, 2 bonegrids, 2 chicken oryxes, totalia, leprechauns.



Man, I haven’t posted here in… awhile. :thinking: Anyway, here’s the white bags I got in the last week.

Got Omgur, but someone traded me when I took a screenshot. :expressionless:

Here’s a screenshot of the Omgur


@SirSpud :laughing:


I genuinely forgot that this item exists


Only posting this because i want to express how mad i am at the fact that i’m fucking 0/0/0/3 on MBC whites…
this is what suffering looks like
Edit: got this in the next void run, no longer mad.

Edit №2: Wtf is with my luck today, got this right after getting 2 lh whites.


I know the feeling… I’m 0/0/3/3/0 void whites, 6/6/0 Shatters whites, and 0/8/0 nest whites (stinger/helm/mace)




I still need that.


literally I would take the robe, even though I’ve gotten like 7 of them but that’s nice


so i said i would make a 2nd necromancer ppe…Capture
…and i did.

here are some highlights:

i made this necromancer in hopes of getting the cube set during the 3d event back in april,
they never dropped it on the loot table, so I’ll have to wait a bit longer

so far, this is going very well.
: D


What a beast


Wait, you can still get the busted op bella ring?


2nd rarest st set behind swoll paladin imo


that was back in april, these screenshots are old


5/12 whites & sts dump

didn’t get requiem


Have you used the jugg bp yet?