The White Bag Thread v3


1/1/0/2/1 in void now


The Swag
Does anybody know btw, how good the entire set is and is it worth pogging over?


i think that’s 3rd or 4th one i’ve gotten


Hey. What the hell. Why?


It’s very good. One of my favorites to use, just I haven’t played knight in a while



5/13 whites & sts dump



Finally got the ability i wanted the most
Here’s a screen of all the oryx equipment i have rn, only the bow and bard lute aren’t from the event, all other items were obtained during this thursday and friday
I feel super terrible after grinding for so long though, gonna take a lil break




I’m done for the event.






5/15 whites/sts dump

blue got cult staff
: D



Loots of the week…

From the event (the Oryx Shards): Sac’ed the Robe and Wand for Devastation

A new Oryx Ring to join as a trio.

Literally got it back after losing my 1st one from dying @ GLand.

No comment.

Keeping it in case some dudes may buy it.

Testing out 59 Defence Ninja. Ended up getting another Puri. None of them were forged BTW (so far).

Don’t forget to kill those Fisherman Warriors for those ST’s.

Dudes being selling Soulless for 8-16+ GLives now. Might as well keep it for future use.

Forged 2 Esben Ring BTW. I don’t h8 Puri but I don’t want to waste any excessive Forgefire and ran out of option of what to sac.

I actually fed an UBHP before getting this one, doubt I would keep it this time. On the bright side, Sword Rune for next O3.

That’s 2/4 of the set that I need to get it back.

From Null. Third Ritual never hurts since my Mystic uses it as well. Helm Rune as a bonus.

Don’t know I should sac this or not…


just logged in to do my daily scout quest (snake pit today) and ran into a lich…