The White Bag Thread v3


Loot of the day…
4 white bags from 2 event chests containing 3 whites (nile, concertina & a.s.s. aka good forge)


Got a Cdirk from a slime god with no loot pots on. I had just 8/8’d my Paladin after getting 2 def from a sew (one from a golden rat too).


3/15/4 now


badhayes B)


nile + geb wand



2 eps a plane and some mace bs while grinding for dex




i haven’t been posting as much, because losing my 19th bard ppe kinda hurt my motivation a lil’ bit…

but I’m okay now, i’ll try and keep posting more white’s & sts screenshots soon
after this post, i have 65 old screenshots backed up and ready to go

this was the last white bag it will ever see:

I was finally able to complete my bee quiver collection, though - having at least one of each

also, recently I got tablet, which was the last event white i needed to complete my event white collection

green finally got his cube skull : D

and lastly, seeing these two just made my day

those 65 screenshots will be coming soon…
i’ll probably divide them over 5 individual posts



Can quit the game now… :slight_smile:


Double white:


Welp it happened. I saved a massive 383 chests for 6 months (129 standards, 208 mighties and 46 epics). Was it worth it? It was worth it to save up chests for 6 months.

Those screenshots were taken when I was rewatching the 3 hours long footage. And… expect a video of the entire opening in couple days.

I was expecting to get SSeal to complete the CLib Whites Trio, but another CCutter won’t hurt.

I just need the Armor to complete the set… Pretty sure RNG wants me to play Assassin again.

I was expecting Deathless and literally misspelt “Brigandine”… On the bright side… I never got this b4.

Solid, because why not.

After my last Samu died with it… And even when I can forge it or spam Sew for that white, one can’t be satisfied when monsters walked to your minefield.

Feed power?

Worth to keep or nay?

Was expecting Mace but sure.

Ya know what… I should feed it.

I want the spell to complete the set…

Plz for the love of Oryx…, I just want the shield to complete the set again.

Me was expecting Ryu’s Blade but I got too many Kazekiri’s now…

Actually worth to keep now.

Where is my Fallen???

I think RNG wants me to Exalt Bow class next…

A backup? Sure.

EZ forge material.

Never realize that you can get one of this from quest chests.

I think after its rework, I’d say it’s worth to keep now.


Too bad I won’t raid 3D anytime soon…

Where is my Ryu’s Blade to complete the set???

DBow for Staff class.

Buff its passive stat to +5 Def/Vit.

I only raided LoD once in my entire RotMG career and I couldn’t believe I got this.

Was expecting Concertina…

Seeing this reminded me of getting Nile as my very 1st white back in January 2020 unboosted. One of my favorite Tomb White.

Needs a buff, nothing else.

Sac’ed that boi for Eastern Wind.

Definitely don’t have to raid Tomb for a while.

Does RNG really wants me to play Bard again???

Sac’ed it.


I was expecting to get the Zaarvox + Amulet back but you know… another robe won’t hurt.

And I got another UBHP… Fuck…

First time seeing 2x white from a quest chest. Another Celestial Blade (seriously I prefer it flipped like b4) and getting my 1st S.T.A.F.F??? Poggers moment?

Forge material… I was expecting for another Ritual Robe.

At least it was better than getting a Crown.

From the final chest, I got my 1st Void White. I was expecting Nil or something else but… I will take it.

Out of 75 Nests I raided, I only got 1 white in overall aka this Mace (that is my 2nd one BTW). I was expecting QSD or Hivemaster Helm as well.

Me missing Waki + Prism.

I might have missed couple snapshots but I definitely got almost 30 whites from that opening.

Also from this week’s loot (beside from the chest opening) and I missed a few snapshots. The Tomb 1.5x event was insane (I actually got 3 Sphinx, 2 Prot, 1-2 Niles, a Shendyt and Book of Geb).

Ok this is my 4th overall star, I am still missing Waki + Prism to complete the Crystal Cavern squad.

Now I just need QCutter to complete the Crystal Kunoichi set.

Was part of the chest opening video as I struggled with vault spaces (need to get rid off those pots without dumping them out).

Nothing to say here.

I wish I can give this Mercy to my main…

Don’t know if still worth or nay.

From the chest opening (someone it got merged with the regular loot photos folder).

W8ing to get CComet for that Malogian Trio again.


Never realize that I could get craptons of Sphinx.

A sidegrade of MLab Robe now.

Prot needs a buff NGL…

Ma man @Dbiz was there <3

(when I was rushing Tomb for 30+ dudes)



Admin @Fotio was popping things in EU West earlier. Could not in Beach Zone + lagged out of Nest, but got only my second Cult white from the LH.


We’ve turned around. I have mocked this blade, and now, it comes back to me.
Eh, might use it, might not.




How… old is that picture? That cannot have been super recent.


Judging from that setup, namely Hydra before its resprite and Ammy, it was definitely from several years ago.


I’d say around 2011 to early 2012