The White Bag Thread v3


honestly divinity is really fun to use, have fun with it!



Got kind of unlucky during the Void / MBC event D: Still no omni (or any 1/4 ring besides potato) bp… Once I get that, I can actually forge my millions of cult and nest whites into something I can use.



im so confused I was on AsiaSouthEast getting ready to clear events, the red demons weren’t event dead yet and while I was walking to glands I came across a beach bum. The realm was absolutely empty as well but I’m not even gonna say anything anymore


I remember seeing one for the first time recently and getting elated, but I hadn’t kept up on the updates and failed to realize that those are way more common now. It partially killed the thrill of the discovery, but at the same time, I don’t mind those showing up more often.


yeah same but hey at least we get to see something we’d most likely never see otherwise





real, like, as in “really bad.”


I love it’s aesthetic, though! I only ever use that blade as a swapout if I lack a Void Blade, and even then, not often. Only if I get myself into a sticky situation and want to back off more, but still want to get some damage in. Void is way better at fulfilling that need when I have it.


I like how a lot of the alien whites look like as well. And the ray katana, who doesn’t like using a solid gold fucking katana???

Unfortunately, ray katana is dogshit which is cringe.


I can agree, dueling daggers and corrsion cutter look way better than corruption cutter and stinger respectively.


Dueling daggers makes more sense than corr cutter lmfao





not stinger sad


^^^ katana


Normally I would use gemstone for forge, but I’m gonna keep it for now to see how it’s changed after the shatters rework. :thinking: