The White Bag Thread v3







Neat. Wonder when this’ll be changed?

Another fine addition to my ever-growing collection >:3

Swell! And thaaaat…
Makes for the 6th ST set I’ve completed! 8D
(Well, not counting the Daring Discoverer Samurai set…)


Seems today is a rather ST-happy day!



Wait, ever? Or just at the moment? O.o


Well, if you include “gotten all pieces, even if not assembled all at any given time”, then I suppose I’ve also completed the Bee Queen Huntress and Pirate King Warrior set. (+I’ve got a second Hollow King set on my chest-focused Necro, so)


I’m shocked you have not completed the huntress set with how many Nests you (used to) do! Other than the bow, I feel like the others drop pretty regularly. I have even been feeding the armors recently because I don’t want to spend more vault space on them…


Ok, that’s a little better, but I’m still surprised. I’d have thought you’d have obtained more than that by now.


I don’t play that often, and I don’t regularly farm certain ST locations. Frankly, I’m more surprised that I managed to get a full duplicate Hollow King set.

That’s also because I’ve been avoiding doing the Beekeeper in my latest runs. Dying to it at least 3 times due to Confuse / Paralyze just…brings back bad memories from Nest 1.0
smh Uni change it already


(died with that in the Malogia)

self-popped is the best


Another addition to completing my second, actual-drops set!

And a spare one of these doesn’t hurt. It does look slightly cooler than Doom Bow!


I got GM mace and Annihilation armor as well


at least some feed power


real lucky today, just lost my speedy quiv and immediately got another one, i also really wanted scepter and got some feedpower on top xd


Alright, loot of the week… not much but here they are:

EZ forge power. I was expecting Doku LOL.

Where is my Waki/Prism???

First O3 white I forged so far… Hopefully I get Enforcer + GGuard blueprints for the remainder 70+ O3 clears…

A random solo gave me two Malogia whites again. This time… me completed that trio again.

First one so far. Just need its blueprint for collections…

That face when 3 dudes got Cult whites on one dungeon…

Facetanking time???

On my 3rd O3 clear (yes I survived with that ST at the end). Also, not mad BTW…


please somebody end this eternal suffering
every single alan white i get is either wanklord wand, fornication staff, or anal slasher.


i hate you i need that ring


And I need Waki and Prism to complete the CCavern white set…