The White Bag Thread v3


stop cheating, I need majesty (I also need my divinity back)


skill issue


HUGE so i post here instead


By the way, i remember you throwing a tantrum on my idea post.


That was a long time ago. And I’m always heavily critical on terrible ideas.




i am very happy


first t7 ability! (not a white/st but still)


Just went in because of server change disabled teleport; the first Forest Maze on this character


From this week:

One O3… I got Gamby BP and Fanfare…

Now I just need Prism. No-clover OP?!

Also from the same O3, I got my 1st overall O3 top equips. From STD BTW.

Me cannot spell but this is my 1st Pup white, as an actual one.

I might sac it or keep it, who knows.

EEEEEEEEEEEE I just need the Trap to complete the set.

Feed or keep?

I am getting lucky on this white bag lol. I think RNG wants me to play Ninja.

Ehh… I would take it still.

That face when you get 3 Ronin Waki’s in one Lib.


That last one is statistically impressive.


I got no real proof to back this up, but you’ll have to take my word, when i say that i got first two in a row


Quick update: little later on, i got these:


120 loot boosted Ice Tombs in and got my first crown…





Gib it to me plz <3




did 20 chain of ice tombs, and I got this

the 16 spots in inv, not the set of course lol


oh wow, you got a potato, t15 armor, and escutcheon from ice tombs? wow, I should try to do more ice tombs