The White Bag Thread v3




All these shitty souldbound pots -.-

but the others are nice!


i died on my warrior so i need them to remax


Not even gonna comment anything, just gonna dump these here:


That is amazing for only 20! I did about 100 loot-boosted and got no crown or prot. Just a bunch of rings.


Another day, another batch of shinies:
By the way, i have been playing this game for about 7-8 years and only now i get my first Dblade?


You aren’t alone in that. It took me nearly that long to obtain one as well (despite not caring for it much), then another in rapid succession. It’s not like I was shy about running Abbys, either. :pensive:


These are just too good to not put here.


what did you get from the mlab one


Fulmi, which you can see sitting in my inventory.


oh i thought you didnt pick it up yet


A double orange bag, a singular ST. Glad to have this back after losing it in such an embarrassing way (afk’ing near an Ent Ancient, with a screen covering my game…:confounded:)

And another pretty Amulet to keep around. Might toss this together with one of my spare Zaarvox-es and achieve dagger speed :eyes:


are ya hearting everyones comments or something? Because usually nobody hearts my comments. (Im not complaining)


If you get white bags and post them here, I will heart them.


this was a cranium (cringe) where’s my superior

poggers forge power

Stupid fucking harp again bruh. When can i get a superior

WOW what a red bag :expressionless:


I walked into a random realm and BB smooth was there


Gib GGuard plz.





nice stuff, especially the second eye!


I can’t play for another 3 weeks :c for the first time i want vacation to end early