The White Bag Thread v3


this game is so bad


Actual Deca drop!
(Bizarre cropping because this forum hates me and keeps giving the “improper image header” error until I mess with it enough.)

Also, @XBlaz photobombing.


Bulwark has a 66.67% droprate

on an unrelated note thus guys kinda sus


An unbelievably lucky morning!! A Vile trap on the last event before Oryx, followed by a monocle from the miniboss (I nexused before O3, not risking that). Followed by MY FIRST CROWN!

My Shatts white record is 9/5/1 now, finally breaking the curse of no crown going back all the way to day one of the original shatters release. So glad I managed to get one before the rework of the dungeon.


congrats! now that you’ve broken the dam, you’ll get 3 crowns in a row to make up for it.



why didn’t you do the o3? you gotta risk it for the buiscuit




I cannot believe it. Two in the same day. Thanks, Maddymoon!


He already got two biscuits is the thing. Why risk losing them all for the chance of a third biscuit?


1 buiscuit, he probably consumed the bp. Risk it for for another buiscuit and if anything goes wrong nnexus


Let’s see what I got this week…

To finish off my last few Crystal Caverns for my Vit Exalts. No more Fungals (at least for a while).

O3 goes 6% HP Celestial (really satisfying to see), RL got clapped and me almost died as well (dropped to 15 HP at that extreme moment when I ran out of all HP restoratives).

I have been looking for this for so long…

Stinky UBHP. I decided to throw my $$$ for Shatts key to Exalt my Sorc’s Attack b4 rework. Bard is next BTW.

Set completed.

From Holy Crusader. Didn’t bring clover this time (to fill up my inv with every healing restoratives that I can find). Now I just need the Robe…

Just randomly farming pots…

Ok should I even keep those?

Now that’s another one done.

1/2/0 now…

Just randomly farming Sprites…

RL photobombed this one but yes, that was my 6th one.


took a gamble and lost . . . f


I can take those ubhps. Holy crusaders are the best


ubdef is op for rushing too if your on warrior in halls


UBDEF? Did you mean UBHP?


both. High def build is good for rushing halls. Ubhp If i dont have tanky armor


Nah ubdef sucks for lh rushing Id rather use a ubspd lmao


Breastplate of New Life + UBDef combo? :eyes:


Candy armor + ubdef seems good but I usually rush on ubhps and only try ubdef on pub testing as I don’t rush as much anymore