The White Bag Thread v3



Using Horn for the 1st time??? :eyes:


i have enough forge power to make another coro.


My son is listening to Bad Apple and got that Vesture BP boi.


We’re the same age bruv


It’s a slang, meaning “My dude”. Don’t take it literally.


I know it’s a figure of speech bruv. Fluent english here.



came back recently


maybe realm clearing does actually give you better luck…

It’s covered but I got a t14 staff in the same bag too


Loot of da week…

From the Monthly pack…


Just need another trap so I have spare set.

What are the odd of getting 2 same whites on one dungeon?

I have w8ing for this…

On my (almost) God Archer set…

Unintentional blood sacrifices got me QCutter to complete the set. Skin is meh.

Just need the Quiver…

Took me 4ever to complete the set again…

Went into that Pub O3. Leuc BTW but me no got anything good from it…

Before my white bag sorc gets auto-clapped by Blobomb b/c of internet lag after getting 15k bf. 2/2/0 now.

10th clear, 2/4 of God Samurai set completed. Somewhat a comeback after losing my last Concertina. Gib Enforcer + GGuard plz…

STD run and Neo got that sexy top damage (1.3+ million) as a PPE.



i never did get over this loss



But didn’t you said you have GGuard BP?

Also… last week really hurts… Especially on that 8 months old all-white-bag Sorc.



Im so fucking jealous you dont understand.

No cap I’d pay 3 cdirks for that item


leave bow

leave bow


:open_mouth: Imivan was there.




I share your pain. I have the armor and katana already, but even though I want that Waki, it’s the ring that’s driving me more crazy. At least the mobs the other three pieces drop from have trackers above L20. Finding that Deathmage is a pain, finding him alive is even worse. :disappointed:


You don’t have the pain of a samurai main…image
I need the waki, armor and ring and the mt katana and ill finish samurai for good B)
still gonna play her even when I get said items.