The White Bag Thread v3


Uh, I thought about feeding it… but I did not.


finally got a superior bp goddamn


you would pay 3 cdirks for a watarimono? Bruh.


CDirks along with every gems white are useless to me so I think I’ve forged 2 full gems sets and 2 cdirks into mainly leuc/beisa whites


well i guess one mans trash is anothers treasure. I wouldn’t exactly kill for a cdirk but i wouldnt mind one either.


Yea watarimono is the only item I want rn




WTF Rolling Girl nightcore?!


it’s the normal Rolling Girl from my spotify playlist


I literally heard it as pitched-up…


the only nightcore song i listen to and actually like is this

Nightcore is pretty cringe overall.




Hm… might as well keep for Exalting my Samurai…

The previous Tomb I was sole rushing for 40 dudes, not a single thing except a mark. Next Tomb later (which I also rushed), RNG decided to give me additional whites as compensation.

Wasn’t excited though seeing that white bag sprite feels really sexy regardless.

A pub O3 gave us Leuc but then yeeted to nexus when things got real sticky.

Ain’t dying to Leuc again especially on a farming character (happened to me once). Now I have a spare O2 ST set.

Wasn’t expected when I was randomly farming up rainbows. Let’s just say, I completed my CLib white trio?

Just randomly killed those Cyclops @ USE4 and gave me this odd Katana.

Phat shoutout to TSPage for helping me to complete the set again.

When you have 90 Ruthven marks stocked up even before the event… this happened. A spare Horticultural Huntress set as well.

Actual Fallen after 160+ Mountain Temples?! My dopamine hit the stonks market even when I forged 4 of them in total.

Robe before rework when?


I saw the top of the shatters picture and dthought u got a crown :joy:


Sakura properly using “I” and “me” is the highlight of my day. So much nicer to read :sweat_smile:


got two st rings in a row:


Actual Fallen after 160+ Mountain Temples?! I dopamine hit the stonks market even when me forged 4 of them in total.

Jokes aside, it’s because the word for “I” and “me” in chinese is the same, and to indicate possession you only add one extra word, there is no different words like there is in english.

Like some example:
我的 = mine
我喜歡 = I like
他喜歡我 = he likes me

Mine, I, and Me are all i word which is 我




I can’t even fathom the odds of this drop had we still had the old Sewers.

And with a little…STring of luck - no forgiveness asked for this pun - that maaakes…

My, ah, 8th set complete - the Daring Discoverer and Phylactery Mystic not shown; the pieces you see are all duplicates :>