The White Bag Thread v3


Loot of da week (a good portions are from the Cem event)…

Keep giving me those 7% xp bonus DBow plz <3

Pumpkin Master moment.

A backup Resu? Mmmmmmmm

Another one? But without clover.

That’s some phat bag…

30 Cems for the Sun Goddess Waki. I still believe that the MP cost need to reduced to 100 in exchange of reducing the total damage to 2,400.

Looks like this is the new DPS wand…

So many ppl died on that O3 run for this somewhat phat Red bag,

10 months later after losing my 1st one…

Next O3 after that scuffed run…

After 235+ Shatters… Wasn’t excited when I got it as I never wanted it. 2/2/1 now.

Another budget DPS wand? Sheeesh.

From Oryx 1.5x drop + Clover = EZ MBane. Some dudes were using hacks.

Main Bard’s final loot before getting clapped on the next O2…


And it only took me one Cult in between my last Cult white to get another one.
Neat! Might even slap it on this Necro, since I seem to have an affinity for skull spam. Might as well increase my regen slightly and have some def in there, aye?


number 12



Twice the odds for double the shots!


First horn c:


Calling cem wand a budget dps wand is like calling splendor a budget dps sword because majesty exists.
Depending on the situation that wand is better than t14 so its not even like its a direct downgrade either lol



Ez forge feed.


Cult Event Go Brrrrrrr


Loot of da week (not so much here):

1st actual MBC white gave me Potato (and its BP that I already unlocked).

Was hoping for Colo or a Void white but MSeal ain’t that bad either.


DPS wand yes?

Was under-req for Gravity Vet run and I happened to get another T14 Bow and Levi Armor.

From actual Abby (no key pop).

A spare Brigandine? Nice.

Final 2/4 Wizzy loot before getting auto-clapped by Beisa.

Trying to get Tunnel Rat back…


No EP = -4/4 wizzy





This could’ve been a heart I’d actually wanted.

Hey, look, one of those things! Now for safekeeping.

And another one of those. It’s bound to happen with all these quick 25 points!




I once got a triple white from keyper, didn’t screenshot because I was afraid of dying (this was before I used prt scn and I used snipping tool). I got fang venom, cutlass, and kageboshi. I also got another double white from keyper, which I was able to screenshot