The White Bag Thread v3



loot from day 1 of fungal grinding


Loot of da week (Really lucky one with an unfortunate death but then bounced back quickly)

Ez 1/4 Wizzy set up?

Me as a key popper got lucky. ST and Bee Mace BP in one bag.

No word.

From natural Parasite during the event.

Got this Quiver when I was in class… then died with it 3 days later because of ping lag (and hell, we need another DPS quivers beside QoS and Javalin). Void White BP’s when?

Again, saved me from forging another one.

Was having fun spamming QoS and gave me another ST Sword.

Key Popper luck. Already sac’ed it for another Coronation.

Ended up getting Raven Archer.

Decided to RL my very 1st overall raid on STD, but then got auto-demoted (back to Helper) right after without a warning.

No word.

Eh… FP?

Longer range DPS wand (Dex + Wis boosts are nice for Sorc).

2/4 of the set completed.

Not going to forge Crowns but it is still nice enough to have it as a collection.

Final loot from 4/4 Eirin before she died…

Hm… I could treat this as a pseudo-DPS armor for Leather classes.

Hoping for FP but this could work too.

Right after I lost my very 1st 4/4 Eirin…

Which I got a new ST set completed.

Finally, I have completed my Crystal Cavern white squad (including the sac’ed ones).






Best bag I’ve ever had


And ANOTHER double UT!


luckiest npe I’ve had (all in 2 nests btw)


Loot of da week (with another unfortunate death when I was about to get 5 stars):

From the free pack.

I just need another Kunai for completing my backup set.

Good for stationary target though I’m tempted to sac it for another Coronation…

2/4 of the April Fool Archer set completed.

Got 2 Lumi Armor’s from the Guardians and Waki from 1 Crystal Cavern.

Now that’s 3 sets I have completed (in overall 4 though).

Had a scary Bilgewater solo (from natural DDock) and he rewarded me Concertina once again (thought I would never get it back). Seriously, nerf his HP by 20-25% though…

Prolly not going to use MBane unless I pair it with UBDef.

Prolly the same Crystal Cavern that I was talking about.

Also from free pack on Dummy.

Might as well use it when Exalting.

Chef Modified ended up giving more than just FP but also another white.

Decided to try again for 5 star Bard.

Another Bow… No whites from KBQ herself so far…

First actual O3 white (unboosted BTW). I was hoping to get an actual Coronation but I can take Lumiaire either way (ended up Nexusing with it).

Pretty lucky with that red bag, but gib QoS again plz…

EZ Forge feed.





Got her!





I come with more Shatters whites to fill the white bag thread!
(Also, doing it on the paladin in the meantime as it’s faster than the archer. Will probs start using archer once the next update rolls out)

And after a whopping 69 Shatters, I’ve finally got my first reworked Sentinel white

And then literally the shats after that, I get a back-to-back Valor…xD


You what this means…

2x WC tops with a ST as a frosting? Sure.

I was the key popper and uh… this is my 1st KBQ white after 130+ Nests. Unboosted BTW.

Tried to finish my 8x Abby mark quest… except I didn’t switch my character after server reset (if you do, the Tinker Quests resets too).

Fiddling with 4/4 Warrior and got another Fallen from natural Mountain Temple. Unboosted event chest btw.

Why are T13 weapons rare??? My luck of getting O3 tops is better than Void tops wtf???

Top 10 moment before disaster (died to Celestial b/c IDK when to nexus). I was hoping for Enforcer BP but I can take Banner either way. Lucky Kaniel got the thing I wanted the most.

Forge feed?

Next run after unlocked Banner BP and getting shredded during Celestial… I got another MBane again. Game decided to DC me during Gemsbok, unintentionally saved my freshly-obtained ST.

More backup robes for Sorcerer… gib USE4 back Deca…

Clover decided to go zoooooooom.

From Holy Crusader: RL decided to raid O3 while he is drunk IRL and I got another T14 Bow. Now I just need another Levi Armor and QoS before my God Archer set is fully operational again.

Yes. Void UT’s blueprints when???

I got another red bag today when raiding O3 with Endgame (I donated a Helm Rune). Except I accidentally Nexused before I could see what was inside. Did not realize that the chatbox wasn’t active and I slapped “R” when trying to type “red”. Oh well.


It took 1 year… 1 YEAR, to finally get my first ever Lumi and even the BP itself too. I’m so stoked that it’s finally in my hands!!

(2nd BP in there was a Vesture BP which is a dupe)
Eheheh, now it’s time to show the world why the game has withheld this powerhouse of a weapon from my hands all this time…


I got my very 1st O3 white when I was trying to get my 21st clear and it was a Lumi as well.


That is a nice bag.