The White Bag Thread v3



Two from yesterday: a surprising yellow bag from a Skull Shine:

And an even more surprising white bag under all the other players:


A pitiful week for me rather, as I only got 2 worthy loots to post (with another unfortunate death).

And let’s just say, I can’t play when mom is right front of me as well (as she thinks it’s a good idea for me not to play).

Puri droprate is higher than cloak?

Was expecting Doku but oh well.


After 90+ Shats, I’ve finally got the bow, my number 1 priority item! * W*

Oh yea, and some other misc. Shatters whites ofc~


Here are the weekly doses of whites and ST’s (with 3 unfortunate 8/8 deaths):

From the ST crates @ the end of September. Gud DPS orb that I will take even though I don’t play Mystic often.

From soloing that Janus for the mark. Fed it already and lost count of my ST drops…

From the monthly free skin pack. Fed it already.

Another ez FP.

The Armor Shards. Forge perhaps.

No word aside ez forge feed.

Again, no word.

Rune + white ain’t bad.

Forgot to collect the rest…


Dummy moment.

1 minute, I got CWand.

Had a pog Trix for that Bilgewater fight. No Concertina and TFW I can’t type “Cutlass” correctly.

The next minute after CWand…

I swear DBlade is rarer than me getting O3 tops wtf.

Eh… sure.

From Null (unexpectly, they now started to run O3). RL happened to reduce the run reqs to at least WC tops than the usual reqs (hence the set I was using).

Practicing to pick up the bag 1st before typing. 2 deaths but 2 O3 clears within a day as well…

Last minute white bag?




The few whites I’ve gotten after coming back.


would you say that Shatts whites are more common than before the remake?


I’d assume yes


Well, I decided to count all my whites up to this point, and suffice to say, yes it appears more common, which it should considering the difficulty increase, so here’s my stats:

Shatters done: 107
Shatters-related deaths: 0

The Bridge Sentinel

  • 2 Katanas
  • 0 Helms
  • 1 Waki
  • 1 Bracer
  • Total: 5

The Twilight Archmage

  • 3 Wands
  • 4 Poisons
  • 3 Orbs
  • 0 Gemstones
  • Total: 10

The Forgotten King

  • 1 Bow
  • 2 Lutes
  • 0 Maces
  • 5 Crowns
  • Total: 8

Armours and ST Pieces

  • Armours
  • 5 Robes
  • 4 Leather Armours
  • 1 Heavy Armour
  • ST Pieces
  • 1 ST Dagger
  • 1 ST Spell
  • 2 ST Staves
  • 2 ST Seals
  • 1 Forgotten Ring (Deca Reskin)

Speaking of Shatters whites, here’s another album of them:

edit: I forgot to showcase the set I’ve managed to create :>


What are your thoughts on these items? I haven’t gotten them yet but I am very interested in them so I mean


Katana is decent, and the only reason it gets shammed is because Enforcer exists. It holds solid dps while retaining the ability to pierce targets just like tiered katanas. Sure it doesn’t beat the Enforcer when it comes to single-target combat, so if anything, you should carry both as a swapout to cover pretty much every operation you’re going into.

It’s best used on a ninja because you have 3 (or maybe more if I missed out) ways to negate the potential attack decrease. You can either use the kunai, the beisa star + centaur shield combo, or the agent of oryx leather armour. You can still use it on a samurai but you have to be a bit more careful since you only have the agent of oryx armour to cancel out the attack decrease.

Poison is a godsend and actually makes the assassin really fun to play with. The poison pretty much negates any reason to bring any other poison aside from the crystal fang venom for armour breaking, because it deals one of the highest damages out of any poison and possesses the ability to slow…in a massive X-radius. You’ll love making fireworks with this poison trust me~

Never tried the ST dagger unfortunately, but I figure it’s basically an alternate corruption cutter

ST Spell, by itself, is better than before because of how the shots linger on the tile you cast it on for a while before it properly accelerates outwards. It basically makes it easier to land all your shots. It shouldn’t be a main spell however, as the damage isn’t that high, but just like its legacy version, you should try using it on the big golem in LH, you won’t regret it~ :3c


my stats:
shatters completed: 0
Shatters related deaths: 5 8/8s
one or and 1 hide
deaths to 3rd:1 died like 10 secs into the fight when he tped on me, made it to patience ones and then fucked it up and nexused which is the farthest ive made it.
100% could have only 3-4 deaths if i knew how to nexus.

tldr: You’re cracked, wish i was that good.


got 2 dblade in one abyss, due to quadrouble iconic reward mod


white on my alt/mule after 1 random ot.

also seriously, are crystal whites super common? I’ve gotten like 4 since i’ve come back


a deca admin opened some random dungeons and my new ppe necro is very happy!

and some new random drops

Edit: died 3 minutes after getting leafbow to limon (but everything was in vault)


everyone got a doku that run :slight_smile:


Ahhh, sad for the death. I really love Tez Tail/comet. Definitely an underused weapon.



Weekly loot dump (with 3 skill issue deaths):

Budget DPS Katana? Ok.

Pretty sure this was from the Testing reward.

Never expected that to drop but I can take it.

Finally, I have collected all T15 armors.

White + st in one bag?

Also from Testing reward.

Now that’s somefing new.

Was leveling. Heard Aurum it took him 200+ Ruins to get that Quiver. Took me a few though.

1st BP from O3 himself. Was hoping for GGuard BP but I can take Divinity counterpart as well.