The White Bag Thread v3


The classic “report missing Minion labels” into “get white bag” combo.


imagine not getting murky couldn’t be me
but serious murky is so fucking rare sometimes it took me so long to get a murky on my first 8/8 assassin (~300 sewers) that I feel pain whenever I get a void blade


honestly loved it before the shats change, rushing on mystic was fun af. now it’s only worth as a swapout in solo or very small halls. same with a lot of other armour pierce items.

imo the should be buff the be as good as bergenia and maybe oryx knight st, but idk if that’s actually ok. Maybe stinger could get a major range buff so it can use its piercing. :stuck_out_tongue:


The good luck has been rolling. Here’s my non event drops
(Tomb I got 3 nile, 5 pyra, 2 sphinx, 1 prot, 2 lute :: 1 wand, 4 tome, 1 ring)
(Lod I got 1 st sword and 2 mstar)
I also got pixie and the st ring from cland but the images won’t upload.



I don’t Screenshoting this moment, bcs of that you guys not gonna believe me…


My best White bag moment is the O2 one. Yes. O2 dropped Jade Storm as a White.

I think it’s one of the rarest white in the game.


Only in event.



I lost my first scutum just a few days ago, and heres another with my upe assassin with no gear!

Got a double a.s.s. white fron stone and janus on a different upe

And a double s.t. (one from minion) in the same high tech terror


It’s the pet skin I’ve wanted for years! ;v;
Please don’t mind me overreacting. For once in my Realm career, I had a little rush of excitement. I’ve just wanted this so long aaaaaah

A guildie said that this cool feature must’ve been a good omen:

I’ve seen other neat formations, but not just a plain lava pit! Or maybe I’m just unlucky and you’ve all seen it before.


Weekly Loot Dump:

Didn’t spam Tomb until the last minute of da event.

2 Tomes within 20 min apart.

Same Tomb later…


Literally picked up b4 typing.


EWind Waki or Bergenia when?

More zzz…

2 Robes within… 6 runs?

EZ Legendary FP.

I think I soloed that Cem for the Dagger.

Keep or feed?

Another “pick-it-up-before-typing” thing.

1/4 of the set completed… b.o.r.i.n.g

Soloed that WLab as a Samurai. Scary… How do I push in within boss’s chamber?

My MBane luck is pretty gud RN. Made it to the end in O3.

Feed again I suppose.


very nice

first time i’ve gotten a white from both miniboss and oryx, pretty sure




died with my shatters orb so i made this a few days back, got this like like 5 o3s in

now at 12k fame with only the lib tome and trix st ring from cry as upgrades

Any crafting tutorial



this and divinity mean im 2/3 of a fungal tome


Can’t believe it. I finally got it!


After how many O3’s?


Is that your alt account?


around 200? lost count long ago