The White Bag Thread v3


I know, right? I was excited for a samurai skin option but was extremely disappointed within 30 seconds. Luckily I got antimony which looks nice


Should have fed that thing to my Divine pet.


Dye it snow white and small pink and it looks like the coffins from squid game B)

Just ignore the fact its shaped all funny and you’ll be able to make cringe squid game jokes and hard simp for 067.


10 years to get blue balled by the reskin lol, though wouldn’t have gotten this without the halloween event.


you can get an exchange if you have proof of the drop


Wait, really? They do that? Or is that speculation?


someone did it, cant remember who


this game is so unfair yet so fun. 2nd shatts complete btw ;p


Weekly Loot Dump:

I sleep.


More zzz

Some better skin.

A 0/8 dies right after I saw that white bag.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! A week after I did not getting my reward from the headhunting reward, I ended up contacting an admin via Discord.

Next event similar to this, gonna wish for GGuard BP.

Too excited and forged my very 1st Enforcer already.


An EXTREME risky final push for its blueprint… after spending 10,900 Realm Au…

Who dares to question my power? You shall be Cursed for eternity if you dare…

Pirate Warrior reskin? poggers.

Jugg but on a Rogue.


Maybe don’t mention the admin by name so they don’t get harassed? :eyes: :sweat_drops:


W8… that’s odd.


Loot from the last couple days

Also got a t14 staff but no screenshot of it


i was duoing some lods with my mate for marks and got my 2nd and 3rd midnight star in just 2 lods


Two Skins One Horde


Lucky moment???



Oh baby, a triple!


bruh wtf i just came back from hiatus


UBMP on Priest :eyes:


bruh wtf gimme that fucking dagger right now I want it