The White Bag Thread v3


After endless pbag mark in void, finally got something decent





Weekly Loot Dump:

I sleep.


Pub Tomb almost gone wrong.

Her final loot before retiring (which she did after hitting to 15k bf). I happened need the Waki back as well after lending it to a throwaway character (she didn’t make it btw)…

Maybe I’m wrong. We shall complete that set in 2022 Halloween.

Key popper luck.

2020 Halloween was a fiasco and reminded myself that 2021 will not repeat.

Another key popper luck.



First O3 white from himself. Was expecting GGuard but I take Escutcheon as well.

Decided to play Necro again after 11 months…


Took me forever…



currently at 2 regular/1 pumpkin/2 bp
cracked luck


with an avarice bp to top it all off


Did you nexus with those?


First one, and also my first white of the event after a whopping 19 runs.


Real shit.


Got this absolute monster of a bag right after


WTF is your luck?!


When I was exalting archer, in my last 20ish runs I only got 2-3 runs without a red yellow or white, most of the time I was getting a white



Weekly loot dump (almost gone wrong):

Was hoping for another Waki but I can take a tome as well.

MFW getting the same st part. Just need the Accessory now.

Bought a new skin for Pally, as I find too many ppl were aiming for Faris…


That’s 2 Garments + a Soulless reskin.




Keep it is.

Pog skin btw.


BIG $$$$$

Literally want to give to Sakura for feed.


image ]

(this one died immediately after)


Full O3 event dump. This excludes STs and Void tops because I didn’t bother screenshotting them.


Ayo? You got that GGuard back?


forgot to post this because I’m dumb but I finally got a t14 staff!!!

and I can finally get a 4/4 assassin!!!

near perfection

just need to get some o3 rings and another t14 dagger and I’m gtg!!!



Me getting Monocle = Instanting press R after picking it up + announce on the global chat.


sick celestial = glad guard