The White Bag Thread v3


I still need jugg. . .



my warrior fucking died so fuck jugg


Game still puts you on a server half way around the world if yours is full. So get back to EU West and have a TP cooldown. Try running to catch the Keyper to no avail. By the time it wears off he’s gone, but Sphinx appears and get Jugg BP. The Jack Frost is built and get Sleigh Bell Staff. Then Fungal and well…

Two whites and a Jugg BP in about 3 minutes. Sadly I’ve already unlocked the BP, and still have one of those staves from last year. But Crystallised Fang probably my favourite event white.


I am so mad. I am actually balding because of how pissed i am. I could have gotten an ogmur, an oreo, a conflict, a cdirk, anything. And then I get this piece of trash. I even predicted that I would get a white. And then OF COURSE MAN. Fucking forge fodder piece of shit.

^ this is a copypasta


The game is messing with me now. Which BP did I craft with my free fragments? Crystallised Fang of course, as it’s my favourite event white and all the non event whites needed marks I was unlikely to collect soon. I of course get the item as a drop. Then next day…

So a second Exalted BP I can’t use (except as Forgefire) to go with my Jugg one.


some nice drop from my kensei experience


Gaming on Christmas Eve nets me Yet Another Ritual Robe. I wonder what would happen if I dyed them red and white.

A lucky chest drop from a Fungal + Crystal with a massive minion HP nerf and Spider Swarm. Literally just positive mods!
(It contained some pots, bringing me closer to maxing life and mana)


Weekly Loot Dump (Oh hell ya, this is a MASSIVE one):

The Xmas chest opening I promised, took me yesterday and today to get it done (189 standards, 208 mighties and 137 epics). Saved those chests for 6 months = worth.

Next opening in… June 25th 2022 (or earlier/later).



After 3 chain deaths on Tuesday, the next day… (SlavPow was quite happy when I got it).

A new set is completed.

Helped a RL to finish Exalting his Warrior (he needed one more Void). Well rewarded with that frosting on a cake.

More zzz

Don’t know why my chest opening loot is showing a bit earlier… but oh well. At the most… you see my email there when I was doing skoolwork while popping those chests.


Kekw. 2nd Divinity BP.

Ok… this is getting out of hand (personal info leak). 5th Mantle btw.

REAL SHIT. Speaking of which, SkySlurp was upset when I got this Cranium (he wants one). As usual, I nexused with it.


Speaking of which, I got 4 of that when I was popping 189 standards.

I sleep

Nice to get a spare DBow too.


Ok wtf.

ANOTHER spare one?!

Gonna use it soon.

I sleep.

SORCERER. Was leveling up a Bard so I can drink pots on.

One of my 2x white in a bag.

First chest, 1st ez st.

Let’s finish that Standards shall we?

Now this is new. Might as well try it.




I got this thing the most from chest opening…

That should save my WLab mark for a while. Only got 1 of the bow.

Unfortunately… I lost this one because of the vault rollback (Basically I didn’t nexus on that Samurai before switching character). But again, not a big deal.

Not the piece I was looking for.


Also lost it because of the vault rollback.

Mega kekw. Imagine getting a white that you can trade + forge?

Oooh, this is new.

Again, the vault rollback… or maybe I sac’ed it for forge?

Keep or forge?


Uh… I can’t remember now.



I sleep.

Pu-retty nice…






Too bad I won’t use it.

Ok not this… I would trade it for a Devastation Scepter.

Screenshot didn’t save but this could make it up. Skull + Requiem in a bag. Speaking of which, the Slow on Esben skull is a godsend for my Necro.

Ez bp.

Just need Garment to finish the set.

Another Speed cloak is nice. Was hoping for something else.

That is the phattest bag I ever got. I was looking for that BPlate so long to complete my Marble Paladin set. Potato for the drip as well.

Which means…

Which also means… meme set is too, completed.

MSeal is not bad NGL.


Also, I got this yesterday from the Royal Epic chest. SS didn’t save for some reason.


think this was from the antinomy event i dont remember but was all pretty much in 1 day besides the jugg6

2 jugg 3 4




Cool drops, but I’m concerned as to how you got to 1,516 fame all the way up to 8,063 in a single day’s worth of playtime… that’s got to be incredibly tedious :flushed:


Yeah the jugg I think was a day after iirc the rest of it was within 24 hours I was no lifing that one pretty hard with a discord


i dont have the bp for this


I was in a discord call with friends yesterday while in a Nest, and I mentioned that I had seen people in Nests who claimed they got some weird purple sword as a drop from the boss. Since I’ve been out of the loop for a while, I wasn’t sure what it was, and so I asked them about it.

My friend Rmcgre pulled up Realmeye and determined that this was the Fallen One’s Blade (something which neither of us had heard about before), and that it was part of a newish ST set.

We then proceeded to kill the boss in that same dungeon, and were greeted with the following:


Nice! Even the pet skin too for you…


First White Bag. No idea how to use this wand effectively though lol


You can use it to create a minefield.