The White Bag Thread v3







I’m so done bruv


first star after 100s of o3
first white of the event


WHATTTTTTTT bruhhhhhhhhh i need another enforcer


This is the second Pogmur I’ve gotten in three weeks, on top of the Blueprint for it from the same event, but only after using my free Schematics to make one.


got 2 pogmurs in a week which is heaven for an assassin main




that was supposed be my cdirk ;-;


Weekly loot dump:

NGL, Ray ain’t shit but give me something else plz.

7% xp bonus for Eastern Wind when???



Skipped Oryx = Worth. Full cleared that Para as well (gave around 100 bf with that set).




I sleep

Imagine getting something that you can trade + forge???

From natural CLib.

Finally, another one for my main Bard. Posted on RotMG Discord and some dude were “ez fp lul”.

Rewarded quite well for rushing that Tomb.


mostly drops in ocean trenches are rare, but sometimes… two in a row

and others…


After a dry streak I got 2 divinitys, no more complaints :slight_smile:


Just got a back 2 back white in lh, finally got the void bow too after 200+ void lol




Some ventures from a Priest PPE I picked back up again.

Ethereuminite. Nothing too spectacular, but…perhaps on my rogue…?

Just as the name suggests, they suck!

“Cuband” is actually short for “Cute band”!

And a tasty event white to round things off after a long night 8)


two days, two craniums + cranium bp
(those ppe’s both died unfortunately)


Both Cranium’s gone???


Weekly loot dump. Not a lot this time.