The White Bag Thread v3


The end of an era


i buy divine coronations.


You get: air x1000

I get: divine coronation x1



That took a while to get done. Clearing is worth it after all!

And that makes 8. Sweet.


realm giving me the good stuff after I come back from a very very very long break




I don’t recall. Were these extra sets to complete, or first time completion trophies that you may never use? (I collect STs as well, but I use them, even if they’re bad :sweat_smile:)

Just wondering!


Most of these are collection-only - either due to rarity of certain pieces (alas, Nectar Crossfire…), or because I don’t find the sets attractive enough (certainly a job very done with the Skuld Set, Toastrz…).

I do use the full Hollow King set, but that necro’s since retired into chest-opening duty.


I swear everytime I come back the game gives me a white
(csword btw)


mimic dbow


Yes to the Crossfire… and I agree with the Skuld impression. I’ve still hung onto the OG set, because I like its speedy over the paralysis ability that can’t seem to hit most enemies at nearly point blank.

I have a set dedicated to chest opening, but it’s the Pirate Warrior since that’s a bit of a rough class for me :sweat_smile:

I have so many that are nearly complete, but lack a singular piece… but at least I managed to obtain a couple annoying ones down recently!

Many sets have passed, but I still have a few on me.





… drop item rare good


200+ completes without waki


today’s drops

and finally :slight_smile:


Some whites from pub o3 action, thanks to blorph and editionpro for popping runes :smiley:


You and other dude got Horn :eyes:


yep, it was a very blessed o3 run!