The White Bag Thread v3


immediately almost died to the boss as it jumped me

also got 4 stone sword reskins + stinger reskin but i didnt sc those


no way first lh white???

surprisingly never got one even though i remember doing tons of lhs back when i played


Now that’s something. My first legendary egg!




Did you nexused with it?


tried the o3, made it past celes before almost dying to a chase


Has been long since i posted here, anyways today i managed to get this:


we do a little bit of grinding

10k base

7 stingers for a man who never got a single one originally


anotha one

wasnt as lucky this time though


st + wand (edit: didnt put this pic in lol)

double st wtf





escu + bp + ubhp from o3 yoooooooooooo

this will work wonders on my knight

now i just wait for forge so i can craft a divinity with my 8 reskin stingers


A bit of loot from my RotMG hibernation. Expect me fully awake in 2 days at the earliest (or at the end of March at the latest).

Forging one of the most overused armor in the game. Second time…

Decided to use those Fraggies for ez weapon cache. Welp, see you next year Calbrik since I pretty much missed this event.

Ran out of options = those choices.


with this i have made the poggers sin set(if you understand, you understand)



finally got the ring to complete the set, only took 4 years


(set not completed, was the poison i missed)


average ppe enjoyer moment
no loot drop btw



first orb

guild cult pog?

3/4 of cult set now :eyes: