The White Bag Thread v3


Bit of a loot dump! Been a while since I’ve posted here, after all.

A nicely long solo. +75% drop rate might have helped!

trans hrt, trans hrt!

I don’t want more of these, though…

A spooky solo. Insta-kill jumpy jumps are always scary, but a Crystal Sword is easy to get and easy to use against it.

Speaking of which, I used three I got over time to get another one of these! I haven’t had one since before the resprite, gosh.

I didn’t end up farming too much during the Alien Event, but I’m one core closer to getting another Loaded Core!

I think this might just be the most common ST ring that currently drops. Seriously, it’s so quick and easy to get while being a very worthwhile pick.

Help newbies, get rewards: slowly guiding an archer through Daichi. Only my 2nd time getting one of these, and it’s getting buffs soon!

Help newbies, get rewards: 2! A sorcerer that was quite spooked by the colony.

A cute bee armor! A fine addition to my collection of Queen Bee Huntress set 2-pieces.

From a casual little tomb, a UB wis upgrade. Wonder when they’ll nerf this thing.


same nest

also bp in boss bag
bonus: 2/5 dex


first one as a drop
just forged one right before though lol


Cult set completed. Problem is I have no desire to use the set, mostly as I have no idea how I’d use this. Have to try it as a swap-out first to see whether I can get used to it. But even then, the skull I use with a Necro obviously but the ring + robe I normally use on a Sorc for the wismod benefits, so I can’t see me ever using the whole set at once.







Give me that bow.


double ST in nest + a bunch of pots(those 2 dex and 1 def in my inv were from killing colonies+bees as well so 5 pot drops + 2 ST in like a minute)


Second time doing that dungeon btw


another one lol



dreaf lagon ade hirmor…
A fortunate Huntress armor-wise, unfortunate ability-wise, as I’m still stuck at T2. Oh well! New LoD’s pretty neat. Unfortunately, Limoz’s shields are still randomly tossing themselves at you, so that kinda sucks.



first CC in a discord group lol

full set acquired

this is actually my first hide which is cool



And this one made my pants soiled. I think I would’ve broken something on my desk if I had gotten the warrior skin.


dbow on alt xd
at least its tradable now


double snake pit white.


jeez that is a nice set for an alt. . . I’ve never ever gotten a pixie myself