The White Bag Thread v3


best cult white: obtained


just got the BP
my life be like ooooh ahhhhhh ooooohh ahhh my life be like





first wand of the fallen since i started playing
about fucking time too lol


now if only i could have gotten that battle nexus complete on a character i care about instead of a throwaway warrior


bro double st bag? that’s like the most astronomically rare drop in existence


I have a friend/guildy who got a tripple st from o2


Egg ! The humanoid one not the mystery one. Possibly my first humanoid legendary; not 100% sure but I’ve only gotten a couple before and think I’d remember. Must be one of the rarest things to drop in the game, certainly rarer then event whites all of which I’ve gotten multiple times.


Ægg :egg:


beginner’s luck?


Got a stinger with fresh lvl 9 huntress


about fucking time #2
been waiting 2 years on this since i lost my other archer


looks neat







Funny loot dumps from last month.


Hi how about I take one of those conflicts instead of making a mid ring


Nah. I already sac’ed one of that for something else.