The White Bag Thread v3


hopefully not another shitty ring


yo wait sakura wtf why would you forge off a conflic bro

just like do some nests or some shit don’t waste a conflict


That was over 1 month ago when my RotMG activity was under hibernation.


i won the game WOOOOOOOOO


Might as well rename this thread to Orange Bag Thread for 5 days lol


Ah yes. Then, you’d have no fear showing off the 7 Augurs you inevitably collect to us, huh? :sip:


augurs* by the way they don’t drop but deca isn’t aware of the bug


died on both chars with the loot btw : )))))))))))))))))))))))))))


some dude in the first screenshot was killing off all his characters on the crystal worm father btw lol


Wow it’s been so long since I’ve seen a legendary egg drop


Didnt post for a while but here goes

full set acquired

same lod

i remember when these robes were super meta and costed a fortune

coin bp

finally got my first mbc white nice

another lh white

bonus: i found an even OLDER picture of my main wizard, back when i was leveling it(dont know what i was thinking at the time tbh), and the next picture saved is a level 20 pink wizard which is what my main wizard was. date of creation: 5/29/17 so its about to have its 5th birthday :eyes:


??? didn’t even know this was possible


about fucking time #3 (i think idk)
fr i thought someone was trolling with a fake white


Day 2 of event I honestly thought I wouldn’t get one for the entire event
Back to grinding miners I guess


had no idea this was even a thing until now
i kinda feel bad for guill : (


It has been a while…




Did a chest opening and let’s just say… I didn’t collect much chests this time. Lack of motivation to play and uh… keyboard lag issue.



first kage