The White Bag Thread v3


first time on in a while


Been a while since I have posted anything here but today I got my second Cdirk and wanted to share :slight_smile:


Trix was my last class to get to 4/5 quests. I’d tried a couple of times already but died to something stupid each time, so was being extra careful, mostly staying out of Exaltation dungeons, or any other that was sketchy, just doing safe if dull things. The game had other ideas sbout that though

I also have a Hama Yumi I got earlier in October

So that’s both the ones that drop in Realm. I also got the Burial Blades from Malus, though didn’t screenshot it.

It’s my second Hama Yumi as I used Notes to make one during he recent event, as well as a Beekeeper’s Flamethrower. Don’t know when I’ll get round to using any of them though, none really leaps out at me demanding to be used.


late october + early november dump

first o3 white on my 6th ever complete + it was a pub run


These were all basically back to back of each other on a 3/8 rogue. Clearly not being maxed gets you more loot.


wished for a basher then got one, thought it was fake at first


It’s been awhile since I’ve played… what’s a Basher? (And for that matter, what is your armor xd)


New event white for hermit (no more jugg :frowning:). Armor is from sulfurous wetlands I think


Each weapon type has now an alternative usable by the same class, with a tiered progression and a white for each. For melee it’s Flails and the Basher is the white. The armour is a common UT from Wetlands.


@SkySlurp Heresy!!! :imp: (Even though 2 Jugg sources was inconsistent to begin with!1!!)

Ah, I see. I heard that was in the works of being made back when I was fading off of consistency, and I remember now seeing some early examples, but I (evidently) forgot. I heard that this “Wetlands” released, but has the Steamworks that was talked about a while back manifested yet? And something about there being a Wanderer themed Court dungeon… I’m so out of the loop now lol


Steaamworks has been on testing – might still be as the testing session often lasts over the weekend which is just ending. This time was its second appearance, and it looks pretty close to release so I would expect it to be released soon, perhaps over Oxyxmas to make that more than just a rehash of previous years.

Wanderer themed court dungeon? Not heard of that. The wanderer still appears in regular dungeons as a relatively rare dungeon mod. And in the Interregnum which is accessible through keys if anyone has them left over.


Started to play une petite again.


pet skin from mt boss



Heck, the game better not be “un petit ami” lol


did not know it even exists…


my first deca from crystal