The White Bag Thread v3


Pixie. Also aesthetically the nicest combination of bag colours I think I’ve seen. Yellow and orange must be especially rare to see together, and the pink just completes the look.


9 mbc 8 void have gotten void bow, quiver, and mseal since i have been back (almost all boosted tho)


what the heck is this



Fractal blades, a fractal blades BP, a domi and one schematic. Not bad eh? lol. I am paranoid so I pick them up immediately but I left the token in the white bag as proof. :smiley:


I got the skull. I almost died two times from trying to cshield but it was worth it.


3 ice crowns out of this event



good luck today i guess




After this I got an ogmur from the butterfly boss. GG


First Omni. A nice upgrade from Frimarra. I got an Omni blueprint as one of my first drops of the event, and was considering whether to forge it, but now no need to :grinning:


double white



Got my first scutum!




Shiny Puri. Didn’t realise it was Shiny until after I’d picked it up.


Got all three uts in one bag


I got this bag from Shaman Izel 2 days ago. Two UTs and the cookie.


Let’s freaking goooooo, first drop in 10 years of playing