The White Bag Thread v3


and… first of that cloak


stop getting whites youre making the rest of us look bad


I’m so happy getting them, surprised by that luck. Played so many years without getting any event whites.






got both st weapons from ice cave boss


Another season another Jugg – got one last season too.



More from this season:

Shiny Planewalker. It’s been sitting in my vault since almost the start of the season but only just noticed it was shiny – the art on many of them is far too subtle.


Hivemind Mace:

Ritual Robe:


Crystal Sword + ST Ring on level 14.




Got my first 8/8 in a while back, glad to have my high att farming wizard!


Dirk of Cronus. The setting was fun too, a Cube God on top of a Miner event (which is still alive and pretty close to the bag, I was looking for a good time to pick it up).

Judging from the ground a Sphinx had appeared after the Miner but was killed before I got there, perhaps before the cube appeared. And all the time I was there just below, so just to my left, there’s an Avatar. You can just about see it on the map including a red dot for its towers. Not too much trouble at this point as can tackle everything from one side but didn’t leave much room for the last phase when clearing Death Morels.





I did call it after I’d picked it up but that was a minute after the cube died (in the picture the portal is already disappearing) and I don’t know if anyone made the connection.


Couple of small ones for pet food, but brightened my day nonetheless