The White Bag Thread v3


Everyone says that Harley seemed more rare, and then I learned about it not dropping from Trooms for the longest time. It’s dropped 4-5 times for me though, about as many as the prism. Maybe I should share my rng with everyone?


I’m pretty sure it does drop from trooms… got 5 in the event and I’m pretty sure one was from troom and the wiki says it does. It used to not but I think they changed it


I should have clarified that. I knew that it had changed a while back, but didn’t explicitly say that.

Edit: Fixed. Thanks!




If its void whites you’re after, you want to trade luck?



How many nests do you run to get 1 trap on average?


Honestly, I never kept count. Don’t do nests very frequently.


probably my first post here


I’ve had ~7 dancing swords, and only one harley ever. I’ve needed one for an assassin for the longest time, but I swear it doesn’t drop.


I’d trade you in a heartbeat. I like the armor, but I’d love to experiment with the prism again now that I actually know how to use the trickster!


This is my luck with the Singer Dagger… 6 bee helms and almost 4 full ST sets now (missing a bow) and no sign of that little pokey thing. As far as the theater goes, my current track record is 1 Dancing Swords (ded), 2 Harley (both alive). I would definitely like to get my hands on another prism before too long!

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…how many is that now?



give lute :angry:


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ok so i got it what now


i was about to make fun of you before i watched the words morph from ‘yum’ to ‘pet yum’ before my eyes


Depends. The right move is not pet yum, but I think everyone wants you to feed it.


the right move is actually pet yum, since it’s good fp and omni sucks (and you thought i was just voting it because ‘haha food’)