The White Bag Thread v3


I would give my Cutlass to you but… I want to feed it.



First oreo ever




Decided to come back and play a bit of rotmg. Would’ve like a cutlass tho. Also enjoying the new opacity option


I got a me spell,

a cute trans hrt,

and some shiny shirt or somefin, from a little solo GC.


mist was my first one…

8 shield 6 breastplate 5 cloak 4 mist 4 tome 3 spell 3 trap 2 prism 1 waki


hush, fungal rl


(no comment)


The valentines skins are some of the best in the game




First MBC white since November 2019


you guys are getting MBC whites?


cmon why no breast plate YES YES


A step-by-step guide on getting a Kazekiri:

  1. Enter Mountain Temple
  2. Give advice on decoying to trickster
  3. ???
  4. phat loot



Another Divine FP mmmmm

Today: Spent another 100 USD for character slots and got the pre-released Archer set. The skin looks not-to-good for me but the set themselve is good.

These bois are Legendary FP sadly even though they are good.

From the ST crate campaign (forgot to take a snapshot of it when I got it): Mercy’s Bane when?

From the once-per-month pack. Tricorne when?

I finally got it, after 50 UDLs. Boots on the Ground luck? Possible FP?


wrong one, but ill take it
pls doom bow


First snake pit since I’ve gotten back


I farmed so many encores for the tshot, and oddly wasn’t too excited when i got it.


Uh oh. Sounds like you’re getting desensitized…