The White Bag Thread v3


ima start posting my loot again here



Guess ill take it





80th white overall and 10th ep yay! :slight_smile:


that’s depressing


Yep have gotten 3 eps and 18 plane walkers


So, I had just started a necro ppe when “pup” was called in the chat. I tp, and quickly a troom is called. To my surprise, i get the harlequin armour. As the boss was called, i thought to myself "wouldn’t it be funny if i got both whites in 1 pup? As the boss dies, i get the prism. Talk about ppe luck.

(rip, no pic of troom white)


not the reward i was looking for


Hunting for grotesque?


yes, had one before but i died with it. now i have all the other items but not the scepter


Oh nice, I want it sooo bad. Have literally gotten 23 fricking conducting wands, 7 robes, and 0 fulmis or grotesques


Double ST just now (Y) :D!



I have only needed the scepter to complete the set for a long time now, too. I keep getting the parasite scepter instead >.<



My luck is trash with that scepter too lol


soloed it,last phase took like 10 minutes with trash staff
w o r t h (if only for fp)