The White Bag Thread v3





Hold up, what is going on in that picture? Did u just pick it up?


i tried to pick it up, but this weird bug thing happened so i couldn’t pick it up. you can see the ass is still technically in the bag

different oryx



first event white in eight years


Pretty neat I guess. Also assassin kills Sandston Titan like no one’s business, he can skip 2 whole phases by throwing a bunch of poisons on the spirits when they first come out as it will continue to kill all of them after he wakes up.


ppe luck insane



Whites/STs/Rare drops I’ve gotten so far after ACC reset (image spam incoming):

(Included this even though it’s not in a White/ST bag)

Up to date now!


darn not quiver


First time forum post here are some whites I have got.


Haven’t posted here in a while. Here’s my second omni:




AND AGAIN!?!?!?!


I always ask myself, why do I still do shaitans, and this answers like a slap on the face


Daaang that is nice!


Its feeding time.


my bals ich

my bals ich par 2


Too bad I didn’t get a Nile as well, would’ve been perfect.


I thought you said goodbye