The White Bag Thread v3


noooo :angry: :angry: stinky rat, I sayed goodbye to green scorpion :scorpion:

and the old spider nest dungeon, cuz its gonna be gone probably when motmg starts…

(I’ve been inactive on here and ingame for a bit, but I’ll probably be more active once Motmg starts :> )


This is my 5th Sickle LOL…

Finally something else, but it’s a good Legendary FP.

That can be useful for my DBow’s damage.


First Halls White [14 Cults]





next one


Second Cult White [17 Cults]


Bruh how are you so lucky


Spirit Dagger


LOL idk, just started running em, expected to wait like 50 runs or something, so pleasant surprise


Skull has always been the most common for me, but still congrats @OUY


Thanks man appreciate the support!


OMNI and T14 Robe; my 3rd LH White [13 Voids]omnii


Holy smokes, dude. I have done 150+ voids and only have had 3 whites. This is nuts.


wtf is your lh luck kageboshi has a challenger


Two Pet Skins in a Row idk the luck or the chances but I think that’s mental

Ik its not White but its probably better tbh


Actually the pet skins from Davy are pretty common in my experience. But 2 in a row is still pretty cool


Alright i got REALLY mad here



Keyper haul so far this event:
5x Cutlass
1x Jugg
1x Kage
1x Oreo
1x Blue Bee Quiv


and i got a mercys from o2