The White Bag Thread v3


Dang, how many have you done?


Probably around 170-180.


sorry for shit quality




Got this yesterday. I smell FP.


It’s a fun sword, even if it isn’t optimal, make use of it

I have a paladin dedicated only to using the ruins seal and sword (seal is actually more Mana efficient for the damaging)



I um uh wha how bruh


My brain can’t comprehend my luck. I just did a thicket and got a rune. Then I did a sewer right afterwards and got the st dagger. Then I immediately hopped into a davy and got a white from the boss!! XD


A bit ridiculous I’ve gotten 2 of these this week in the little I’ve been playing, yet haven’t gotten any ancient stone swords in 4 months.


2 Doubles, no loot drop potion on. Nutty.


I can’t get shit with a geared up 8/8 but I get rags with a dinky butter knife



LOL I got 4 ASS but no Shield for several months now (10 months).


maxed life and mana
using t0 equips

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: you could have gone through the effort of getting literally any dagger upgrade lol


T0 8/8 PPE challenge wasn’t it?



First Crystal Caverns white @Wilhuff. Second mineshaft white overall.


correct, though I don’t have to have those restrictions anymore, since I completed the challenge. But I still keep him the way he was for memorial purposes, and the lolz


My luck continues to be unbelievable lol. I ran a ddocks and got the white for bard. Then I ran another ddocks and got the st ring.


from today and yesterday