The White Bag Thread v3


Yo wtheck is ur luck man


Cool! More of a backup CWand, though.

Cutter 1;

Cutter 2.
Do I get the Dueling Cutters item if I combine the two, like a red variant of the Dueling Daggers?

Cursed Sprites

trying to get back online and get back to back orange + white :nerd_face:



This has got to have been the easiest tomb I’ve ever done. Fast rushing, perma paralyzing and stunning the boss, leading to each dying within fifteen seconds of each other and within forty seconds of boss activation. Now I have one of all five tomb whites, with two of each of the rings.







Damn Candy, you really can grind for those Whites.

And how do you post a video like that?


@prcsakura i believe he posted it to discord and posted the link here
So. This is what RotMG retirement homes look like?



i’m semi retired

this isnt even 5% of my power


this scares me. are you semi retired from forums to?


im pretty retired from the forums

people complaining about vital combat without playing it lol, i die less now.

my one death was to lag, which u can see in the death thread


Honestly you seem to’ve run a few MBCs, is it fun post ic ooc?


And I still can’t get a stinger XD
Amazing loot, my man.


its honestly a lot better now that blind is removed

i lost 2 crystal cavern completes bc i dc’d but other than that its pretty cool playing now


I enjoyed IC/OoC. This thing is so OP for my petless characters. Please don’t take that away Deca <3

And I can play less reckless now.