The White Bag Thread v3


the crystal chest drops fungal loot. great.


Did you happen to get a stinger by chance?


quite possibly

playing wizard to carry nerds smh



My first triple white in 2 years (actually forever).


Hah, epic double!!


That’s a lotta damage


sry for hovering that robe :smiley:


Almost killed oryx 3 too, but god said “celestial”. I was so close !! So close ! After that celestial, the boss died btw


Why aren’t you maining fungal breastplate, gives life and vit. def doesn’t matter in o3


one lib after (maybe time for samurai)

one oryx later



fasdfkj to you too


For a second I thought you got a Ray katana because of the map. Then I saw your inventory. Congrats!


Didn’t take a picture of the A.S.S. bag because it is fairly common, but thought I would post it anyway because I got 3 sword whites in a row today, separated by just a couple minutes! Also managed to get the chest from the F2P campaign today… still hoping to get to that knight skin by the end of the event!


today turning out to be really good … guess I’ll feed it


Plz no. I want it. I would pay you a Prot for that CBow.


It’s lucky that’s been stored up for not playing for 3 weeks


either I’m lucky today, or drops have been heavly buffed :nerd_face::nerd_face:


I would say both statements are applicable here.