The White Bag Thread v3


Well, droprates were buffed when they added the new ST sets AND there is a 1.5x event on right now



I decided to pop some chests today (need the 5 stars Mystic). Gonna save them up again until June 2021 (when I graduate from high school).

Feed or nah?

I was looking for Tenne since the last grand chest opening… Now I just need to solo MBC for a Potato (DPS/Defence Hybrid). Or slap with a UBDef to compensate the Defence loss…

Eh… At least it is not Hooks like last time. Feed or nah?

Fed that again to my Legendary pet.

Deeeeeevineeeeeeeeeeeeee feedpowa!

And another Pyra, but I forgot to screenshot it with the White bag sprite until now.

Soloed Mountain Temple and popped a clover during Daichi’s dying phase. Cleared for TRoom and managed to get this. Feed or nah this time?

Got another one of this right after my petless Warrior died with it.

Got myself Juliet Trickster skin. Looks not bad but I really want Fire Flower Samurai skin (Not gonna lie, she looks beautiful as a Samurai skin <3).


Gyah, I don’t like feeding anything below 800 fp. Even below 900 fp makes me grimace

The General Chat Thread

Not me though. I would feed anything 1,000 FP or above to a Divine pet.


UTs provide a sense of variety to the way you play and can provide a sense of fun which is far more important to this game than leveling your pet, so I never feed UTs unless I already have 1 or 2 of that item in my vault

Something about the way you say it makes me think you call all these whites feed power and then feed them as some kind of flex, as if you get some feeling of superiority from throwing away rare items, this is especially due to you calling that jugg you like to brag about so much about “fp” even though your opinion on hp vs def rings (which also feels as though it was born out of a superiority complex) implies that self-armored (and by extension, jugg) would be a dream come true to you. If that’s not the case, than I’m just reading to deep into these things. But if that is the case, than let me say literally no one cares.



Not true, it’s not like I don’t like them, it’s about their FP

I already stopped bragging about my 1st Jugg that I got.


Not to get involved in this, but it kinda seems like you were bragging about your jugg in the general chat thread, as well as your other whites. Sorry if this comes out as being kinda mean :neutral_face:


Well… that message was written approx. 12 hours ago before I said I stop braggin’ like 1/2 hour ago.

Edit: That post is now edited to prevent any big issue such as arguments.


Cuffies. Too bad I barely ever run Halls and haven’t gotten any Garments, Brain, or other thing yet, despite them all dropping from monsters I kill in the few Halls that I do run…


I got a lot of white bags since my last post. :open_mouth:

Start it off with one of the best whites I’ve gotten.


Some very nice itenz

These were from this and last month. Also, everything other than the sorcerer is dead and the sorcerer is a ppe.


Also some whites from flash when I just started.

rip flash






backup war because its 3 am and i dont feel like dying to o3 on main lol



you bring mains to o3?


How are you already almost fully exalted