The White Bag Thread v3


Oh yeah… he does that with some of the items…


He only plays Wizard and Archer, and only tops at that, right?


Uh he played samurai awhile back and yes to tops. Right now idk what he played other than archer


Well, I mean, I drop whites if my sister and I have no immediate use for them and they’re below 900 fp (maybe 850 if I’m trying to bump a level quickly) Not of the end-game caliber, though


Does he like, feed any event whites that aren’t bee quiv?


Let me think…

Keychain cutlass, Cloak of Bloody Surprises, Orb of Conflict, helm of the juggernaught, seal of blasphemous prayer, what else have I fed?


Just give me crystal shield or trap !




First cult white



Whew, a white bag thread v3? Epic milestone once again~

And so for my first post in this new thread: My first O3 Sanctuary white :>


First piece of real loot that made it out of the sanctuary alive. Happy that i’m getting somewhere.



first exalt white



please stop

not like i’m spamming fungals or anything, but i get white almost every fungal i do


I nexus in nearly every fungal I do, so don’t worry about it


robe of the big brain


First lib white! too bad it is stinky tome


yey bard ppe