The White Bag Thread v3


three days before it was the doom bow, now it’s the morningstar bow :slight_smile:


I’ve been soloing these every chance I get for one of these and FDBA, I’m so happy about it :smiley:

The blue set is finally complete


2 in 1 c:


After a mind-numbing day of ent after ent, I get qot after 30 minutes of farming next morning…


Yooo I want that pet skin soooo bad ngl. Especially cus I almost have full Necro st set, just missing the ring. That would look so sick to have my staff following me around



Not much to say, but I managed to get this Shuriken after 5 Dens. Gonna slap this on my 2nd petless Ninja.


Not to flex, but I got it on my first den! :sunglasses:

who am I kidding it’s totally to flex


Same hour

“Is this qot they meant by double event whites?”



I also got 3 DBow from the event WTH?


Poggers a deca
Update: A soulless robe

Update: Another soulless robe


2 qots


Alright, what the fuck


quiver of shadows
something tells me oryx wants me to make an archer


Basically same thing happened to me, got a qot then 2 bee quivers and a t6 quiv in a 4 day period


Cool : )


edit: an another white in cland :slight_smile:


Another fine addition to my collection >:3

Korega…[ Requiem ]…da.


(Ignore my spelling please)

Another white that I really wanted…

The Green and Whitwe set is complete