The White Bag Thread v3



I really want a beefcake skin for every class now.

I mean, its better than the alien one. I have too many of those.

Its a sad moment, when a white bag that you once wished to have even one of, becomes something that you no longer see value in the drop.

Yay! Now I have to run O3s to get the last two lutes.


couldn’t risk getting a screenshot of the bag because of how laggy it was


kinda sad how hyped i was for a t14 sword finally…


Divine Feedpower for give it to Miku?

Third Prot from Bes, 3rd Req from the Chest.

What happens of you open an ST Tomb Key.

Meanwhile in other Tomb, I was the only Rogue, rushed to Sarcs but then… got 0/4.


I have too many acidic armors.




Got this dude from the Compensation Pack.

Now I just need Pixie to complete the Swoll Paladin ST set.




Bros I’m shaking…


Me: looks at the bag and sees a t8 staff


Lmao I always pick up my whites first, especially this one being only my 2nd event white and the color I like most


finally got peridot after 6+ acidic armors and dozens of snake pits. For a ring it really shouldn’t be this rare

and another bulwark…



:crab: :crab: :crab: :crab: :crab: :crab: :crab: :crab:


Two event whites in a day holy shit





I suppose that’s why they call it double event whites…



I swear! This thing has a like 15% drop rate or something!

You know, now that I think about it, I get this a lot too. I like this robe though, so its okay.

UwU. I like this. Now I just need to get the kunai from a chest, and I will have gotten the whole thing from chests.