The White Bag Thread v3


Ah yes, the DC


Lag alert…


note the airplane mode off in the corner


isn’t airplane mode a quick reconnecting/disconnecting thing ?




That’s actually brilliant! That way, you can clear the people crowding around your bag if you want a clear picture of it, because they’ll all rubberband away! XD


lol it doesn’t matter, im sitting on the bag anyway xD


Where you doing o3s


my 2nd cult bois. kinda shocked rn.


The run in his screenshot was run by sbc.


Got very excited and picked it up before I took a picture of the bag itself. This completes the set for me!


Solo Encore, be rewarded.


i lied, i didn’t need the hp pots but they gave me confidence.
cray didn’t use any during the fight and had to drop me 2 REE I SUCK


I broke obs but it was worth it.

i also broke cray’s ears probably



My solo encore gave me one atk :frowning:


I just wanted to do o3…


After your paden, ;3; feelsbad.


well, after the first white. The White Bag Thread v3

i got a 2nd in 2 days.

without loot clovers.

what are the drop rates of these things anyways?
no pic because realmeye is acting up. (void quiv.)