The White Bag Thread v3




2nd one :confused:


on my bard ppe


Wait… you’re complaining about getting a pixie?


I managed to get 0 Totalia STs because I had responsibilities in the way of the grind :disappointed:


I know how that feels. I try not to get to attached to video game events in general, not just Realm.


Yeah, responsibilities come first


I didn’t grind, but I got lucky and got the orb. I was hoping for the robe but the orb was my second choice. I also got my second choice on the one st box that I got, with the reskin fplate


I got the reskin fplate too, was hoping for brain or pixie…


Haha I grinded (ground?) out one more demon pumpkin and got a brain


First ever double st!

I legit never knew t could drop stuff

I’m honestly really sad about not getting the event white. This was one of the times where I had a lot of schoolwork and wasn’t able to grind oryx :cry:


You are not the only one, I didn’t get the opportunity too because I lost internet connection. But gonna deal with it.


No, just would’ve preferred a trickster item


I would trade my brain ( irl too) for that pixie if UT trading was allowed


same shatters, with two rings
Next shatters:


got my first event white ever (play since 8 years), and it’s the cube dirk :slight_smile: and afterwards a pet skin from the crystal

update: another white :slight_smile:


Yowch! I’ve admittedly acquired a number of skins over the years, but I can claim to have gotten an event white before now ):

I can relate though:

QoT: 1 (I found one in 2017 with this character:

which was the character immediately following the death of this one:

That was my first 8/8 + 5 star character (because it took three years for my family to upgrade any of our computers, so this game was a major lag-fest :sweat:), so when I got the QoT, I was out of space in my 2 vault slots with other valuables! So I fed the QoT, hearing it was rare and not expecting to play as archer until I was a white star. So here I am, a few years later, without finding another QoT. Had I known it was that rare, I might’ve dropped one of my other white bags/UT’s/ST’s. So… yum, 900 fp?)

CDirk: 0 (I’ve been a sucker for the Friend of Cubes bonus for years because it was easy and valuable. Shut it, Demon…)

Conflict: 0

Oreo: 0

Jugg: 0

Tablet: 0 (I liked my 2 Jade Spells better though)

Any of the Alien Gear (unless we’re only counting OG event bosses): 0

So yeah, I’ve had plenty of luck in dungeons and with ST’s/UT’s, but not with these. Someday, maybe!


I’ve gotten 2 qots 2 bee quivers and a Ray katana… qots are alright and bee quivers are fun but bruh, I just want a jugg…