The White Bag Thread v3


Neat! This will serve as a backup, or perhaps I’ll put it on my…secondary Ninja…hmmm…

Cute. Not sure if I had a yellow one beefore.

hehe butt




Also got bow and ring


WTH Wilhuff, you are grinding for the ST sets already?


Is there anything else for me in this game?





2 more to go




Oryx the third would like a word with you.


I’m not even sure that’s much of a problem for him. He might have something he’s so looking for, but still



@XBookwyrmX You overestimate me. If O3 truly isn’t much of a problem for me, then I probably would’ve exalted archer by now.


I don’t have screenshots but the last two days has been pretty lucky for me. Yesterday I got shield rune and a bag with fire dragon armor and indomptable. Today I got a bag with both dbow and edictum praetoris from a solo udl on a level 15 necro ppe, and a dbow the very next run.



does this mean cult ring becomes 8% now



Archer set collected. I was very lucky with the armour, it dropped in the first and only Cave of 1000 Treasures I’ve done since the armour was added. Apart from that I’ve been grinding Ancient Ruins. How many exactly I’m not sure and the game still doesn’t track them, but dozens certainly. Also got a second ring pretty soon after the first.


For one still has the bard he made the day of its release, I sure have a lot of back up lutes.

Nice! Too bad it was after the nerf, but still one of my most wanted items in game.

I suppose this will be good for a future assassin.

Huh. Didn’t expect that one. Do my quest chests just have an affinity for OT whites? I feel like 90% of them are bows.

This is one I can never have enough of.


just got the best white in the game: mystery stat pot

Turned out to be an SB vit; potchamp


That was from an st chest, right?