The White Bag Thread v3


Na I just didn’t press the right button to screenshot and realized when I tried to post it :sweat_smile:


Gotcha. My ppe has a couple chests leftover from the campaign, and I don’t want to open them until I know the new STs have been added to the table (they’re probably in there, but the most recent update didn’t confirm anything about ST chests in particular and I hate spectral rings).


and two(!!!) dbow in one udl



Got this bad boi from the TCave I popped for myself while I have Zoom meeting with my English teacher.

And another one of this in an empty realm.


Some loot from yesterday and this morning

done with ruins now

Same manor. just need dagger.


you can get anointed from statues???




wow im gonna start clearing them now


a few drops from today


Who’s gonna take that tho? Obviously. You are the only person in the realm forums who doesn’t teleport


Ok fine…


I’ll take it :slight_smile:


gets the best dps armor “I’ll take it”


oh yeah maybe i’ll come back to the forums



Fixed that for you.


Finally got this bad boi after 1-2 hundred Janus. My character’s HP bar kinda photo-bombed the white bag sprite itself though.


got this while playing in the car xd


I’d have to say I get too many of them… I’ll take the daggers before I die please : )