The White Bag Thread v3


Think I saw you make a post on reddit about losing a divinity warrior, so grats on getting it back!!


time to lose another in cdepths event!!!


Rapier is an extremely fun sword, I’ve got 2 rn


Time to dump all the whites and sts I’ve gotten on my ppe so far…


If anyone is wondering how I got all this, the answer is clear. Honey scepter.


It’s not a Honey Scepter Supreme, mortal.


Honey scepter is supreme


They say getting DBlades gets old, but it really doesn’t.


only loot so far from o3 event (ignore caps lock thing)


3/4 of set

leaf bows are never a bad thing to get


“UBVit” “Fuck you”

Uno Reverse Card

He no get UBHP, he get jelly <3



Yay, got it back! Double shotguns + paralyzing stinger is scary, though. Atrapper pls fix
still no skin ú_ù

This will fit nicely on…well, one of my melee chars, probably.


Gimme that poison :smiling_imp:


one lib two st items


Exalted Knight set completed!


WTH Japan did top damage on both O3 runs?


Yep, absolute mad lad, crystal shield works wonders haha~ True MVP for sure tho, without such damage we’d be stuck at O3 for another good 5 minutes x)

I’ve only ever beaten him one time, back in a duo O3 x wx"


Wish that was an UBHP… you would definitely take it.


Ok this getting funny…