The White Bag Thread v3


And another one… never stop getting ASS.


Of all places to go afk…


32/11/12/11 mbc
also i get a crazy amount of cult skulls and void quivers


You probably have had more LH/Void/Cult whites than all of my whites in the 8+ years of playing combined :flushed:


That’s an army of Colo Sword O_o


thats more goddamn collosus than ive gotten dbow which is 27. holy shit kage.


pet food

this decorates my grave stone


@Poshun Nice skin you made.

U j311y @Seelpit? <3




already have three of them in the vault. would like to get the spell from para.


I already have the equally great Swimsuit Ninja skin, I needn’t be jealous .w.


LETS GO DUDE same run xd
now, i only need superior, ava, t7 helm and seal, luminare, enforcerer and coin to be completely done with sanc!


coulda been a luminare smh… anyway im not going to complain too hard about it


Why u gettin so many sanc whites


Because they hardcore raid O3 shrug.


im really not for the amount of completions i have


How many completes?


around 60


And how many total whites?


im actually ok lucky when it comes to oryx himself, i got 3
minibosses i only got 4