The White Bag Thread v3




First miniboss white

Second miniboss white


My mystic died two days ago lol


At last, the final Crystal Cavern white.





Sacrificed Brass Chamberstick, Nile and Pyra for this bad boi. Decent DPS prism right here.

Eh… sure. I will unlock it as collection.


Jeb Wand

Jeb Wand

Memes aside, this was pretty fun to toy around with on my priest. I think I have the full set now, and with the Ample Pack in the shop…it is tempting


First lost halls white! I am trying hard to contain my excitement :smile:



Would you like another one?

These two are a bit over a month apart.
And also both times the song “On Top Of The World” by Imagine Dragons was playing. Coincidense? I think not :smile: :blush:


EZ FP right here.


WHAT NOOOO YOU CANT FEED THAT that’s such a sick pet skin


Well if this dude is not SB, I would have give that to you for free. But no, it’s SB ;(

I even fed the Young Elk and Red Nose Friend pet skins.


Why aren’t you using any of the pet skins you get?



Got a Sword of Illumination a few months ago.

Got another Sword of Illumination in the literal next Abyss.


Because I rarely use them. And they cost 1k fame to change pet family.


my first and only blue print for now; forgot to hover it


Right after I broke my 5 months no-TP streak. Also, I was carrying 9th ASS that I got from Janus.

Too bad I won’t use them but I will take them as collections.

Edit: Got Garland Bow (but with 4 dudes’ grave on the background). This bow will be sacrificed.


Took me couple tens Sews (about 20). Now I have both whites from Gulpord himself.

I was poker-face when I saw the drop.

A CSword reskin? I will take that.

What is my luck with Anointed??? 1/5/6/3

Finally, I can complete the Akuma Slayer Set.

10th ASS… 2 ASS in a day?!

Jesus Christ what is going on today?