The White Bag Thread v3


You also encountered @RDXRAVE
He doesn’t use forums anymore though





Finally, another one of this after almost 10 months. Imma sacrifice this for another legendary whites like Fungal BPlate.


An interesting choice


uhhhhhhh i hope you’re joking :sweat_smile:



No bud, I am not joking.


Why would you sacrifice qot for fungal bplate


Well, if I’d had a QoT (that I had actually used) before, I might be willing to sacrifice it for an item I’ve never had before, despite any bad reputation. It’s fun to experiment sometimes!


The Shrine Priestess was my first skin I got and I’ve used it ever since. One of my faves! :slight_smile:


wait you want the shrine priestess skin???
that was my first skin I got
and I…
fed it


Well, I started to play petless more and I want to try Fungal BPlate out before I can get an actual one (from future Fungal runs). And RN, my main source of legendary ores are event whites (excluding Kageboshi and Ray Katana) as I don’t have have consistent access to endgame whites (because I don’t have consistent access to their respective dungeons.

F. I wanted that skin, I been waiting


I didn’t know this pet skin existed but cool enough.


no words :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:

and in the following OT (i guess I spent all my 2021 luck)

time for some extra luck

stonks day


Sacrificed Corsair Ring, Honey Orb, Bramble Bow and Cocoon Quiver for this bad boi.


deca pls no nerf chipper


They already did after Testing.



welp, people been showing what they forged, so

My samurai is gonna be stacked when i make it


What UTs did you sacrificed for that Waki?